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Take Advantage of Our Professional Bed Bug Treatment Services

Are you dealing with a bed bug infestation in your home? If you are, you’ll need to hire an experienced pest exterminator like Pinnacle Pest Management LLC. Based in Waterbury, CT, we provide world-class bed bug treatment solutions, and we’ve helped numerous homeowners with freeing their living spaces from these annoying and potentially life-threatening insects. Schedule an appointment with us today!

Identifying Bed Bugs

One way to confirm that you have a bed bug infestation is to look for the bugs themselves. Adult bed bugs are ¼ inches in length or less, with a body that’s brown, flat, and oval-shaped when they’re unfed and turns reddish-brown and balloon-like when they’ve recently been fed. Younger bed bugs, meanwhile, are smaller than the adults, and they have a whitish-yellow body that’s almost translucent. Bed bug eggs, on the other hand, are pearly white in color and are so tiny that they resemble a pinhead.

Signs You Have a Bed Bug Infestation

Bites can be a sign that you have a bed bug infestation, although it’s important to note that bed bug bites can resemble those of other insects. So, aside from looking for bite marks, you should also take note of the following:

  • Reddish stains on beds and mattresses, which are created when bed bugs become crushed.
  • Small dark spots (which are bed bug excrement) on sheets, pillowcases, and other items. These spots often bleed into the fabric just like a marker would on paper.
  • Tiny, pale yellow skins, which are shed by young bed bugs as they grow older.

Preparing for Treatment

If you’re certain that you have a bed bug infestation, give us a call so we can schedule an appointment for your home. While waiting for our team to arrive, you’ll want to take steps to reduce the clutter in the affected area. Doing this is important since bed bugs like to hide in clothing, cardboard boxes, and other boxes, so eliminating clutter is the first step towards getting rid of these insects. Just make sure not the spread the infestation by moving infested items to non-infested areas.

When it comes to bed bug treatment, Pinnacle Pest Management LLC is the right contractor to trust in Waterbury, CT. Contact us today at (203) 263-9678!